Writing Thank You Notes

When is it appropriate to say “Thank You” and write a “Thank You” note?  Simple.  ALWAYS!

Times have certainly changed and it is doubtful anyone will argue that point.  Change is good.  It is a result of innovation and imagination and the benefit is the progressive society we live in.  We are also more casual and informal including the way we dress, dine, speak and write.   With email, mobile phones, texting and social media we have multiple ways of communicating and yet often say nothing.  “Nothing” refers to the currently accepted or tolerated behavior that there is no need to properly say “Thank You”.   Some younger generations have even said that writing a Thank You note is “old-fashioned”.  Let’s be very clear.  Gratitude is NEVER out of style.  It is common courtesy.

There is a time and place for everything.  Texting or email can be used for acknowledgement when the giver is not present.  Texting and email is not personal and this is the key.  Be personal in your gratitude.  There are many times when a personal, handwritten note is called for.  Go ahead and acknowledge the gift by text or email but always follow it up with a personal, handwritten note.

Think about something someone did for you or something someone gave you within the past two weeks — no matter how big or small.  It could be a gift of time, a tangible gift or a simple jesture.  Commit to writing a Thank You note and mailing it to them within the next three days.  See how you feel after you send it and whether you get positive feedback or not from the recipient, rest assured your efforts were well appreciated and did not go unnoticed.  In fact, it may inspire them to do the same the next time someone gives to them.  There is the saying “You must give to receive”, well, you must also send to receive.

Who doesn’t love to receive a personal, handwritten note in their mailbox?   Everyone loves receiving personal correspondence and they admit it.  They also admit they do not want to take the time to write themselves.  They don’t have time.  They don’t want to spend the money for postage.  How do you feel when you take the time to source a gift (whether tangible or time) and it goes without even being acknowledged?  You made time to get them a gift but they can’t find the time to acknowledge it much less simply say “Thank You” AND it was certainly not worth 47 cents of postage.

Let’s commit to being more thoughtful, considerate and grateful for the wonderful things bestowed upon us.  We make time to do things we WANT to do.  Let’s carve out some time to be grateful for them.  Challenge yourself to write one note a week and watch it make a difference!


Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read this post on the importance of writing a handwritten note.  My personal and professional experience has shown me that the handwritten note DOES make a difference. If I knew where to mail you a handwritten note for reading this, I would.

Happy writing,






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