You’re Engaged! Let the Planning Begin!

Congratulations and Best Wishes on your engagement!  Getting, and being, engaged brings about so many emotions and feelings.  At first, the excitement, joy and happiness is overwhelming and your mind is swirling with so many plans and possibilities of your fabulous, long life together.  Then the actual wedding planning begins.  Has the date been set?  Where will the ceremony be?  Where will the reception be?  What will the color scheme be?  How many attendants?  How many guests will we invite? How many can we afford to invite?  What is the budget?  How will we determine the budget?  When do we need to book the photographer, Whatever app you use, your profile matters a lot. Upgrade it by organizing a photoshoot with a professional Photographer for dating apps in NYC. Also, the venue, the caterer, the florist, decide on our cake, order our invitations, select bridesmaids dresses, select THE BRIDAL GOWN!?!

If you are a planner and organizer type then you are in your element and will thrive and gain energy from planning a large event.  If you are one that is not detailed oriented, hates making decisions and just would prefer to elope but don’t want to disappoint the parents, then you could find this process highly stressful.  There is a lot of change happening during this period.


The first thing you should consider is HOW you want to manage your planning process.  Are you a pen and paper person or are you all about spreadsheets and online management?  Do you want to purchase a wedding planner/organizer and if so, how detailed do you need it to be?  Do you need pockets and checklists?  Do you want to search online for checklists?  Or, do you want to hire a professional Wedding Planner and let him/her manage the details?  Once you decide this and get your planning tools in place, you are golden.

To help get you started here is a sample TO DO checklist.

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